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February 14th, 2018

Love Is In the Air - Customers' Sensitive Data Should Not Be

Love is in the air today; Personally Identifiable Information (PII,) including credit card details, should not. Protecting customers’ sensitive data is, or should be, a top priority for every business.

One area of securing customer data that is often overlooked is when customers are asked to verbally provide their sensitive data over the phone in live agent interactions. This verbal exchange of sensitive data poses unnecessary risks to customers. Have they provided this information in the security of their own home?  Or have they provided this information in a busy airport, coffee shop, transportation terminal?  Who overheard this information?   Can it potentially be misused?

Eliminate the Verbal Exchange

In addition to the risks of verbally providing sensitive data in an environment of total strangers, contact centers now harbor the liability of making sure their pause and resume systems have effectively paused the recording, and their screen capture quality monitoring systems are adequately protected and compliant.  Yes, most pause and resume systems work as they should, and contact center compliance experts are excellent at their job at securing sensitive data transactions.  But why go through all that brain damage?

iGuard™ by IntraNext Systems provides a smart, and secure software solution that eliminates the verbal exchange of sensitive data by utilizing DTMF masking technology.  Customers can simply enter PII, including credit card details, using their telephone keypad.  Bystanders and agents are never exposed to the details, and quality monitoring systems no longer need to be paused, and then resumed.  Agents see the progress of data entry through masked representations of the numeric details and customers and agents remain connected throughout the entire the call.  iGuard™ is a software solution that interrupts risks, not calls. 

Integrated Software

iGuard™ is a software solution that integrates into existing contact center environments.  Platforms don’t need to be overhauled, and there are minimal hardware requirements.  It is a smart, secure, and cost-effective solution to eliminate the verbal exchange of sensitive data!

It’s great to have love in the air – just not sensitive data!

Be sure to check out for additional information.    iGuard™ is a PCI PA-DSS validated software application.