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Protect It. Silence It. iGuard It.

Protecting Customer Data in Attended Telephony Interactions

iGuard® by IntraNext Systems is a software solution for the secure handling of sensitive data in agent assisted interactions. Developed for legacy telephony environments, iGuard offers a secure way for customers to enter their Personally Identifiable Information (PII) while staying in contact with an agent.

Utilizing Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) media resources for DTMF detection, customers simply input their sensitive data via their telephone keypad during attended telephony interactions. iGuard effectively eliminates the verbal exchange of sensitive data between customers and agents allowing for full call recordings. In addition, an agent’s screen is populated with asterisks or masked digits allowing for full screen capture.

Aiding in PCI DSS compliance initiatives, iGuard prevents quality monitoring systems from recording or storing sensitive data and effectively descopes agent workstations for compliance and data security initiatives.

As a PCI PA-DSS validated software application, iGuard prevents sensitive cardholder data from traversing across applications and the network.

iGuard is a premised-based software solution that can be integrated with legacy telephony systems, CRM applications, billing systems, and payment gateways.


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