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Protecting Telephone-based Payments

Protecting telephone-based payments in the contact center is not a new initiative or a new conversation.

DTMF Masking and PCI DSS Compliance

The power of DTMF masking in agent assisted payment transactions is that the sensitive cardholder data is not seen, heard, nor recorded; protecting cardholder data and assisting with PCI DSS compliance initiatives.

Compliance Doesn't Mean Security

The introduction of DTMF masking should be considered best practice, albeit not an “official” PCI DSS requirement. 

IntraNext’s PII Data Protection Appliance:  A Tool for your Contact Center Security and Fraud Pit-Crew

DTMF masking technology in the contact center has been a giant step forward in securing customers data. 

Love Is In the Air - Customers' Sensitive Data Should Not Be

One area of securing customer data that is often overlooked is when customers are asked to verbally provide their sensitive data over the phone in live agent interactions.

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