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May 31st, 2024

IntraNext’s Event Intelligence® CTI Application Suite and Avaya Aura® 10

Event Intelligence® by IntraNext Systems is a Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) application suite that helps contact centers increase efficiencies and improve the level of service delivered to customers.

Event Intelligence integrates with existing contact center infrastructures to provide screen synchronization and softphone telephone controls. We bring together pre-call intelligence, call routing business rules, and customer information. Complex workflow scenarios within multi-step customer interactions are efficiently handled with real-time intelligence delivered to the agent’s desktop during a call.

Integrated systems such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications and billing systems ensure that data is transferred effectively, eliminating the need for customers to provide their information at multiple touchpoints.  

A small desktop footprint, and simple and intuitive user interface, Event Intelligence provides agents with necessary call control features to deliver best-in-class customer service.

Event Intelligence has completed Avaya compliance and compatibility testing and is rated compliant with Avaya Aura® Communication Manager 10.1 and Avaya Aura Application Enablement Services 10.1.  

The Avaya Application Notes for Event Intelligence can be found on the IntraNext DevConnect Marketplace page.

IntraNext is a long-time Avaya DevConnect Technology partner.  Our contact center solutions routinely undergo compliance testing to validate Avaya interoperability which provides our customers confidence that our solutions successfully interoperate with their existing Avaya communications infrastructure.  For more information on IntraNext’s Avaya DevConnect solutions, please visit the Avaya DevConnect Partner Gallery.

IntraNext has developed contact center solutions for over 25 years and specializes in secure payment software applications for contact centers, whether your agents work from home or work from a physical contact center. SmartSIP® is a software solution that secures telephone-based payments in VoIP environments. SmartSIP is a DTMF suppression and masking solution that allows customers to enter their credit card details via their telephone keypad while staying in voice contact with a contact center agent.

In addition to secure voice payments, SmartSIP has been expanded to support other customer care channels including chat, Short Message Service (SMS), and email reducing risk and PCI scope.

Event Intelligence® and SmartSIP® are trademarks of IntraNext Software, Inc. dba IntraNext Systems. SmartSIP incorporates IntraNext US Patent No. 9,881,178.