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June 20th, 2017

Safeguarding Customer Payments For The At-Home Call Agent Boom

President Donald Trump wants to bring more jobs back to the U.S., and lawmakers have asked the Trump administration to pay particular attention to the call center industry. This year, senators began planning to introduce a bill aimed at discouraging federal contractors from offshoring these jobs, a measure that would propel a trend in recent years that sees more of these jobs remaining in the country.

According to George McDonough, vice president of client relations at call center software company IntraNext, these efforts are forcing U.S. companies to examine their strategies. For many firms, that means facilitating work-from-home call agents.

“More and more companies are going to move towards the at-home model, because there’s a calling to bring more of these jobs back to the U.S.,” he recently told PYMNTS.

One of the biggest proponents of this strategy is Amazon, which hires work-from-home call center agents as full-time employees. Last February the eCommerce conglomerate also reportedly began developing a suite of cloud-based call center solutions, to be offered via Amazon Web Services, to help other businesses manage their own customer service and call center strategies. Just weeks later it announced Amazon Connect, which uses the same technology Amazon deploys for its call centers and can support businesses with their own desires to hire at-home call center staff.

There are a lot of benefits to enabling work-from-home professionals in this field, McDonough says. It saves employees time, for one, as they no longer have to waste valuable time traveling to and from a physical call center. It also frees businesses from exhausting the talent pool limited by geographic location.

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