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June 1st, 2024

IntraNext’s SmartSIP® v10.4 Secure Payments Solution and Avaya Aura® 10

SmartSIP® secures the capture of sensitive data in both Voice and Non-Voice interactions.  The primary function is to securely capture and process end-customer inputs for sensitive data and Card-Not-Present (CNP) transactions over the telephone via end-customer “Touch-Tone” inputs, as well as “secure link” payments.  The core software suite’s foundation is based on IntraNext’s Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) client-server architecture and has been extended to support other customer care channels including chat, Short Message Service (SMS), and email.   SmartSIP can be utilized by agents in work-from-home and on-premise contact center environments.   

The SmartSIP platform has been developed to minimize the footprint of handling sensitive data with a focus on the least disruptive approach to system integration.  SmartSIP’s Secure Data Environment is established within and behind firewall protected data centers – both premise and commercially hosted “clouds”. The platform has been hardened and connectivity is tightly controlled to allow interaction only with established trusted “client” applications.  

SmartSIP v10.4 has completed Avaya compliance and compatibility testing and is rated compliant with Avaya Aura® Communication Manager 10.1 and Avaya Aura Application Enablement Services 10.1.  

The Avaya Application Notes for SmartSIP 10.4 can be found on the IntraNext DevConnect Marketplace page.

IntraNext is a long-time Avaya DevConnect Technology partner.  Our contact center solutions routinely undergo compliance testing to validate Avaya interoperability which provides our customers with confidence that our solutions successfully interoperate with their existing Avaya communications infrastructure.  For more information on IntraNext’s Avaya DevConnect solutions, please visit the Avaya DevConnect Partner Gallery.

About IntraNext Systems

IntraNext Systems is a software development company focused on enhancing the customer and agent experience through CTI solutions and sensitive data handling for PCI compliance initiatives. In 1996 IntraNext launched their first CTI solution, now known as Event Intelligence®, which still provides the foundation for the IntraNext platform. IntraNext entered the PCI Data Security Standards (DSS) arena with Pause/Resume integrations and expanded into the PCI Payment Application (PA-DSS) space with two PCI PA-DSS validated products, iGuard® and SmartSIP v10.3. SmartSIP v10.4 is the third validated application and now holds the distinguished PCI SSF validation. IntraNext is known for complex integration competencies, cross-platform automation, and unrivaled customer service.