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June 2nd, 2016

IntraNext adds TRUSTID'S Authentication Solution to its DTMF Touchtone Capture Software

ENGLEWOOD, Colo., May 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- IntraNext, a leading provider of DTMF/touchtone capture and CTI data intelligence software, today announced an agreement with TRUSTID to provide an authentication layer to its iGuard DTMF touchtone solution, to quickly and accurately verify the caller's identity before he/she safely enter their credit card or social security number via their touchtone phone. The sensitive customer information is never visible to the agent or the company's network.

"Having TRUSTID's AUTHENTICATOR coupled with our iGuard solution, call centers are now doubly protected from fraudulent activity and erroneous misuse of customers' personally identifiable information," said Patrick Brown, president of IntraNext. "TRUSTID first ensures no caller can impersonate someone else and steal their account information. Then, iGuard enables the authenticated caller to securely enter their credit card information right from their telephone keypad. This offers a new level of identity verification, customer convenience and data protection not seen before."  

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